Let us take you on one of our Classic African Safaris. Registered Professional Hunters and Outfitters and their team of specialized guides will be your hosts during your African Hunting getaway. The hunters will always be accompanied by qualified, seasoned and licensed professional hunter. Well-trained staff, which includes but is not limited to trackers and skinners are always at hand. We will cater to your personal needs to ensure an unforgettable and most memorable African hunting experience.

South Africa is one of the most exiting countries in the world in which to hunt. Bigger than France and Spain combined, South Africa offers exotic and diverse combinations of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife that together make this country a unique hunting destination.

The Eastern Cape and Karoo areas offer the finest hunting in the country with over 40 species of trophies available - this is more than anywhere else in Africa. In addition, hunts take place on private land so the quality of trophies is better, as is borne out by the record books. The Eastern Cape and Karoo is malaria free and has a moderate climate, making for comfortable hunting conditions. Thanks to the wide variety of terrain in the area, clients of all levels of physical ability and condition are able to hunt successfully.

Your outfitter offers both world class upland birds with trained pointers, and waterfowl, guinea fowl, pigeons and doves. Bird hunts will be tailor-made to your specific requirements and can be combined with a plains game safari (minimum 5 days, minimum 4 guns)

Because you are familiar with your own weapons we encourage you to bring them with you. South African Airways are extremely efficient regarding the transportation of firearms and recommend that you use this airline from your departure point to your arrival in Port Elizabeth. When selecting your rifles for your South African hunt we recommend the following:
A .223 (5.56mm) is excellent for the smaller game like duiker, klipspringer and steenbuck
A .270 or 30-06 is ideal for most plains game species, but for the largest game like elan, a magnum is recommended.
A 375 H&H Magnum or larger is required for cape buffalo and dangerous game
Because most game in Africa have tougher hides than in North America, make sure your ammunition has heavy jacketed premium bullets.

They suggest that you bring a wind-proof jacket and at least one warm sweater. While daytime temperatures may be quite warm, early mornings can be quite cool (especially in an open moving vehicle). Hunting pants with removeable legs are also a good idea and all clothing worn while on safari should be a neutral color such as khaki or green.

There is a wide range of tourist activities available close to the hunting areas, which means you can make your hunt part of a sightseeing holiday or bring along non-hunting companions. Lastly, after 10 years of democracy, South Africa is one of the most stable countries in Africa and its first world infrastructure of roads and scheduled flights make getting around a pleasure.

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