Dall Sheep  - Alaska

Dall sheep typically live in the 2,500-6,500 ft. elevation range, and they inhabit all of the major mountain ranges of the state, along with a few minor ranges. Dall sheep can be found from the edge of the Aleutian Range near Lake Clark, all the way to the Yukon Territory border in the east, and from there they flourish to the North Slope in the Brooks Range, well above the Arctic Circle. The well known mountain ranges that Dall sheep inhabit are the Alaska Range, Brooks Range, the Wrangell Mountains, Chugach Mountains, and the Talkeetna Mountains. The Alaska Range rises just north of Cook Inlet (West of Anchorage) and swings some 350 miles north, northeast until it arrives near Tok. The Brooks Range stretches for over 500 miles, east to west, so one can see that we are not speaking of small ecosystems, when we talk about sheep habitat in Alaska.

All sheep country is similar inasmuch as it will always have an available supply of grasses and lichens, water, and inaccessibility. The inaccessible trait of sheep country is what makes sheep hunting different than most of the hunting in North America, and inaccessibility plays a key role in the development of trophy rams. Genetics also play a key role in the development of trophy rams, and some areas certainly rise above others when it comes to good genetics.

BC Outfitters works with several different outfitters that offer Dall sheep hunts in Alaska. One of which offers horseback hunts and the other offers backpack hunts. Both hunts are very productive as well as demanding.

Dall sheep usually can be hunted in conjunction with moose, caribou, grizzly, black bear and wolves depending on the season and outfitter.


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